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Gerardo Delgadillo
My name, Gerardo Delgadillo. The way of life, to live freely. Reason to live, to surpass and do the impossible. I'm 15 years old and currently a sophomore at Corsicana high school. I run Track and Cross Country, and I film for Av/Tech. I try to do my hardest in school and keep a good positive vibe towards my life. When I go to college, preferably Texas Tech, I plan to do more inside filming and video editing. Aside from me, I have a family of six. My mom Lorraine Lancon, and my father Carlos Lancon, I am the oldest of 1 brother and 2 sisters. My daily life consists of waking up, going to school, running track after school, and whenever needed, filming for Av/Tech. When the summertime comes, I Join Summer Track to get ready for Cross Country. I'm usually always running. I fell like even though I'm traveling a long path towards my career and future, I have tons of support from my parents, coaches, friends, and teachers who all believe in me.

Gerardo Delgadillo, AVTech Staff

Oct 16, 2018
Tiger Tennis heads to Playoffs (Media)