Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week is by far one of the most exciting weeks of high school for students as it brings new activities and opportunities to dress up for them to enjoy and participate in. Each year, our student council brainstorms ideas for the dress-up days, always making sure that their choices fit in with trends amongst the students.

2023 Homecoming Week’s dress-up days had everyone pumped up as it included so many fun concepts that let people express their creativity in their own style. That being said, here are the ideas for each day: Tuesday was Barbie vs. Ken, Wednesday was Teacher/Student Swap Day, Thursday was Little White Lies (+jeans) and Anything but a Backpack Day, and lastly Friday was Spirit Day. We really enjoyed seeing everyone all dressed up to their fullest and just having a great time in general as high school should be a great experience for everyone to live up to. But we also want to express how these days really help to fill our minds with creativity and to show how each person can interpret a concept differently from another.

Tuesday: Barbie Vs. Ken.

Over the summer, the hit movie Barbie came out which took the world by storm. It received a huge amount of popularity and the meaning behind the movie touched many hearts of both the youth and the elderly. Many people took this day, to dress up in the outfits shown in the movie. Barbie herself is a fashion icon and what better opportunity than to dress as her to bring out the inner Barbie within them. And of course, we can’t forget about Ken, the Beach icon. It was so nice to see the boys dressed up in their beach attire just like all the Kens in the movies. Everyone did a wonderful job of expressing a key point to the movie and still managed to have fun with it. We always love to see a sprinkle of pink out in the world.

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Wednesday: Teacher/Student Swap Day.

Getting through high school can be tough, both for teachers and students, but we both help each other get through the day which is always appreciated. We want to help people express that gratitude by letting students dress up as their favorite teachers and teachers dress up as their favorite students. Seeing everyone swap styles was a new experience that one will always remember. It touches our hearts to know the amazing relationships between students and teachers.

Thursday: Little White Lies (+jeans) and Anything but a Backpack Day.

Not only did we have one concept for Thursday but two, one which we are familiar with. Last year, one of our dress-up days was Anything but a Backpack Day which everyone loved so it was appropriate for the student council to bring it back. However, this year we got a little twist, Little White Lies. For those who don’t understand, ‘little white lies’ is where you wear a white shirt with an obvious lie on it. With this kind of freedom, students were allowed to express their humor and make others laugh which is always a pleasant sight to witness. We had fun seeing everyone rolling their baby strollers around the halls and getting to know them better through their hilarious white lies. We hope we can continue fun activities like these for both staff and students to enjoy.

Friday: Spirit Day

Finally, Spirit Day. What would homecoming be without Spirit Day? It’s homecoming night and we all must show our support towards our school as it lifts spirits and encourages a flame of ambition within our football players. People show up with their mums and their garters, some of which go above and beyond, which we all love to see. Along with this, we also get to see their nicely detailed jeans, which is another typical way to express excitement and hype for our school. There is so much love and support for the Tigers and events like these are for students to have fun with friends and teachers.

Thanks to Homecoming, everyone is allowed to express themselves more to other people and helps attract new interactions between not only students but teachers as well. Dress-up days are meant to have fun, but they still must be respected. We appreciate everyone willing to participate in the making of Homecoming week as it is not a simple task. However, we all must pull through as our main purpose is to just have fun. Go Tigers!

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