Hazelwood heads to Carnegie Hall

Matthew Hazelwood
Matthew Hazelwood

When in school, many students have dreams of taking their talents further than just the high school team. Whether it be sports, acting, music, or academics, we try our best to receive a scholarship for the hard work put in over the years.

Senior Matthew Hazelwood is turning this dream into a reality. He will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York February 16th-20th 2011, with some of the best high school band members from the United States and Canada.

“I felt extremely excited to play with the best high school musicians from the U.S and Canada,” Hazelwood said.

Hazelwood will be playing the trombone while at Carnegie Hall along with playing some of the percussion section and all of the brass section making him a prime candidate for private colleges and major universities such as Texas A&M University, Baylor University, Hardin Simmons, Texas Tech University, and University of Texas. Although these colleges tried to snatch up Hazelwood to call their own, Howard Payne University had all the right characteristics Hazelwood wanted in a college.

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Hazelwood will be attending Howard Payne University after he graduates to join the Blue Devils DCI Core Marching Band made up of 150 people for all four of his college years.

How did Hazelwood receive such a wonderful opportunity? His friend from the state band told him about the event and Hazelwood was up for the challenge.

“I recorded a 3-5 minute solo and sent it to New York and they picked me,” Hazelwood said.

Hazelwood has been playing instruments for about 7 years and thanks his dad for showing him the beauty of music.

“I would listen to my dad play and he is the one that got me interested,” Hazelwood said.

Hazelwood practices everyday for his upcoming event whether it be through playing first trombone in the pit for the high school production of The Sound of Music or by himself on his own time, yet he still finds time to help others with their own music.

“I like to help people when they play,” Hazelwood said, “and give lessons to other students.”