Navarro County Courthouse Fundraiser

Caraline Means, Activities & Student Life Editor

To raise money for the Navarro County Courthouse, the district is filling up a big water jug with coins. This fundraiser has become a competition between the schools to see who could fill theirs up first, so empty out your pockets and drop a penny or two in! The water jug will be right inside the front doors when you walk into the school and in the cafeteria during lunches for your convenience. This competition is not based on the amount of money you raise, but the time it takes to fill it up, so our goal is to fill it up by the end of the week. As soon as we fill it up, Mr. Bower has promised us a WEEK of organizational shirt days! If every single person in CHS dropped in a coin or two, we’d fill it up in no time. So do your part, and let’s help out the Navarro County Courthouse!