Bower beats the Budget Blues

Bower beats the Budget Blues

Kansas Brunson, News Editor

Budget cuts have been all the talk around our grand campus of Corsicana High School. With all of this talk, are the cuts as bad as people say they are?  Bad things have been said to come from budget cuts but are they that lethal? Ticking off the points, the bad things are: the loss of valuable staff members and teachers, having to shove a few more kids into our class rooms, and our teachers lost one of their conference periods.

The dismissal of our staff and teachers was a hard blow to our school. We were dumbfounded as our superb teachers had to be exited from CHS. No one wanted to see our guides, our educators, our friends leave, but, drastic times call for drastic measures. The teachers, who remained, lost a conference period so now they’re down to one. Guess that parent call will have to wait.

As for stuffing a few more heads into a classroom, Mr. Bower said that there are only about a handful more students per class. But with fewer teachers we have to place the students somewhere. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, meaning good will have to come from this event. Teachers now have more of a budget to work with. When asked about the good things that came from this, Mr. Bower was proud to say that “It has made our school stronger and has strengthened our faculty resolve that this will be a good year!” It seems as though he has faith in our school so, no matter what, we should too.

AVID was one of the many organizations that were on the brink of dissipating from the campus but, thankfully, new leadership was placed over and saved AVID. Now AVID is graced by the presence of Mr. Bower more so than before. AVID must work off its own budget, but at least it’s safe.

What is the future around budget cuts? Well, it’s hard to say. No one can predict the future but having confidence will push us through. Corsicana may not have been the only school to have been effected by the cuts, but we were, for sure, the ones who came out on top.