New Leadership at CHS – Young

New Leadership at CHS - Young

James Young was born in Longview, Texas, and lived in East Texas for the majority of his life. He is married and has seven children. He attended Henderson High School and played varsity football, basketball, and track. After graduating high school, he enrolled in UT Tyler where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Science, as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Education Leadership. Before coming to CHS, he was a head basketball, assistant football, and a girls’ softball coach at Union Hill ISD in Gilmore for 12 years. His previous school was a 1A school and had roughly 100 kids; a drastic change opposed to CHS. He’d like you to know that he is very happy to be here and he enjoys being around very professional colleagues. As for the students, he has high expectations; he believes we can achieve great things such as becoming an exemplary school without a doubt. “Even if we may not do it, that doesn’t mean we can’t. We have to set high goals and shoot for them.” As a child he didn’t see himself being in the position that he is today. “I saw myself being a US congressman or a lawyer.” He worked in law enforcement for 10 years. He majored in history, and minored in English at the University of Texas in Tyler. His second choice would undoubtedly be coaching; the only difference was the money. On the other hand he is a strong believer that “it is important for someone to do what they enjoy.” When asked what education philosophy he follows he informed us that he strongly believes in the ideals that all kids can learn if there is a compassionate instructor to guide them and insure that the learning process is carried out. He believes that students should be taught from the heart. “Part of the learning is discipline,” he stated. When he is not administering disciplinary actions, he enjoys playing many instruments which he does very well. Among these instruments are the guitar, the piano, the mandolin, and several others. “It’s like I can hear the music, and I can tell what chords are being played and what the chord progressions are,” he said. It can very much be described as the opposite of tone deaf. His favorite color is brown, and his favorite food is rib eye steak. In three words he describes himself as “consistent (you have to be consistent to have integrity), honest, and happy.”

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