Being Competitive

Coach Newton

Win, winning, and winner. Three words that had little association with last year’s Tiger basketball team as they failed to grab a win after more than 25 games. 

Historical? Yes.  Not many teams have had seasons such as the Tigers did in 2009, but it’s a history that fans would like to see erased this year. With a newly hired coach, Don Newton, and a group of veteran athletes, fans might get exactly what they are asking for.

“Repetition is the mother of all learning, and we do the same things every day.” Newton said. “That repetition, keeping it simple, and attention to detail is what we’re focusing on.”

The Tigers know that the road ahead is not an easy one. With the district realignments, the Tigers traded away the very tough Waco Midway, but were given back a powerhouse in Lancaster, who made it all the way to the state final and was beaten by a number 1 in the nation Houston Yates team.

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“We feel like we can be competitive and slide into some of the top spots in the district,” Newton said. “The level and brand of basketball is going to be solid.”

With the Tigers returning three starters, the hopes of notching that first win in over a year seems reachable.

“We’re working on our mindsets, being competitive every day, working hard every day and pushing each other in a positive way,” Newton said. “Once we master that, everything will start falling into place.”

Corsicana was an easy sell for Newton, who brings years of coaching success all the way from the Carolinas.

“It’s a good community, and I wanted to build a program,” Newton said.  “Administration made it clear they put a strong emphasis on building a complete athletic program.”