Supporting the Home Team

Some people ask what trainers are, or why would anyone would want to be a trainer. Valeria Garcia Junior at CHS, sat down with me and answered some questions. “I like being a trainer because I like helping people and I like being with the football players whenever they need help”. When I asked what some pros and cons are about being a trainer Valeria said, “Some good things about being a trainer is that I feel useful and worth something when they get hurt because I ‘fix them’. Also because we go with them when they have an outside game and we get to experience new things.” Valeria also explained “Some bad things are that we have to be with the players at all times, we have to be with them outside when it’s really hot and we get a sunburn and in the very cold weather, standing there with the water but were not ‘water girls’ we’re trainers.” She said, “Some things that we need to do and know about being a trainer is that we need to have everything packed, organized and ready to go. We also need to know how to rap their ankles for when they get hurt and if we don’t do it right they can get blisters.” “Kasey Jessie is our head trainer and Doc. Is the main trainer and they help us out whenever we don’t know how to do something. This is not a hard job as long as you know what to do. It’s worth it because as I said we feel useful and worth something even if some players don’t say thank you, some do appreciate what we do for them.”

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