Tiger Softball/Interview with Sydney Kirk


Aaron Cantu, AVTech

Congrats to the Tiger Varsity Softball Team for winning 1st place in the Copper division from the Burkburnett tourney last weekend.  Top hitters for the weekend were Sidney Kirk with 10 hits, 3 being doubles with 8 RBIs and Katy Polk with 7 hits, with a double and a triple, collecting 2 RBI’s.  The tigers have their first home game tonight against Lancaster.  JV at 5:30 and Varsity at 7:00.  Come support your Tiger Softball Team! 

Reporter Aaron Cantu visited with Sydney Kirk for an update about Tiger Softball

How is the softball team doing?    

They are doing good but still trying to get the feel for everybody that’s playing.  And when they get situated they should dominate.

 What are you guys doing to prepare for games?                                                                                                

 Staying mentally focused and working on being a team and coming together.

What young player helps the team the most?                                                                                         

All of our freshmen are playing an important role to our team.  Ashley Spence is playing 2nd.  Jennifer Skinner plays right field.

How are the seniors?                                                                                                                                

Senior Katie Cook plays an important leadership role on this team.  She teaches the younger girls how it is since she has been on varsity four years.

What does the team need to work on?                                                                                                                                 

The girls need to work on staying positive and not getting down because of a bad inning.  Have trust in everybody that is playing.