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Emily Flores

Emily Flores, AVTech Staff

My name is Emily Flores I was born on March 9, 1999 in Corsicana, Texas. I live with both of my parents and in the total of us is six, three girls and three boys. Their names are Erika, Bryan, Elder, and me Emily, then Kayla and Neymar. I’m 19 years old and I’m a senior at Corsicana High School. I have done sports since my middle school (Collins Middle School). I ran track for 7th and 8th grade when I went to high school I only did soccer for my first 2 years. Then from there, I did soccer and cross country for my junior and senior year. I’ve been doing sports because that’s where I find my passion every workout   Every run just takes me to another level. Sports are my motivation is what keeps me going no matter how tired I am I’ll keep on pushing. I refuse to give up that’s not what I raised to be. What motivates me to do the sports are my family and the people that tell me that I should do the sport.

For an example my 2 older brothers did soccer and they were the ones who motivated me the passion they play with willing to be in the cold, rain, hot nothing stops them from training. For cross-countrynobodyy from my family did the sport. They didn’t know about it when I heard about it at first, I was afraid of it. Racing for 3 miles isn’t just anything. But I talked myself through it and I said to myself “I can do it and for sure it will push me”. When I joined in a new coach had come to be the head coach, his name is Jesus Rodriguez, (Coach Chuy). He pushed me so much waking up during the weekends to just run 17-21 miles, it was terrible and then waking up during school days at 5 in the morning to run and also staying after school to run also. It exhausted me but it was my motivation to wake up every morning. Seeing the sum rise at the morning then in the afternoons seeing the sunset I will never forget those views and moment when we as a team pushed each other and at the end celebrated because we were able to get through. I’m Emily Flores and running has been an impact in my life.

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Emily Flores