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Sean Kipp

Sean Kipp, AVTech

Hello! My name is Sean Anthony Kipp. Some things I like to do in my spare time are relax, play video games, listen to horror readings on YouTube, and watch some of my other favorite YouTubers. While I study or edit I like to listen to music or horror stories unless I am doing something that I need to listen to like editing something with the audio or if I need to listen for instructions. Currently, I am in the band playing Percussion and I am a life scout currently working on Eagle with only two more merit badges and my Eagle project to go. I will always dare to do my best on projects because if I don’t I will never let myself hear the end of it unless I forget which is when I will remember it a year later. However, I plan on having that NEVER happen and if it does I am sorry. I do my best every day to get things done right and if that does not happen then I did not do what I can.  

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Sean Kipp