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Tamyra Cleveland

Tamyra Cleveland, AVTech

My name is Tamyra Cleveland, I am a 16 year old sophomore at Corsicana high school and I’m currently going through the process of switching back to school because online school didn’t work out for me AT ALL!

Honestly all there is to know about me is that I love music, dancing and designing clothes or making clothing pieces I spend a lot of my time listening to music but when I’m not home I’m outside enjoying nature and being free and wild like all teens should be or I’m somewhere with my friends … I love to travel to Dallas a lot because it makes me feel like I’m at home because I’ve moved back and forth from Dallas to Corsicana. I’ve thought about what I want to do with my life and honestly I want to be a therapist or somebody famous for good reasons , being famous is a slim to none chance because people barley make it in the industry but I have to get over my fear of being shy and camera shy ! That’s all I can really say about me right now because I’m still finding myself while in high school.

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Tamyra Cleveland