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Juan Rodriguez
Hi, my name is Juan Rodriguez. I am 17 years old and have been since halfway through the summer. I was born in Ennis but moved to Corsicana after leaving the hospital. I have lived in Corsicana all my life. I live with my mom and step-dad now. I am antisocial and don’t have very many friends, but I try to have a good time with the few friends I do have. I have 1 older brother in college and no sisters. I have 1 cat and 3 dogs. My hobbies are music, drums, and drawing. I love music and art. They have fascinated me for about 5 years. I own my own drum set and bell kit. I draw in my free time or play along to my music on my drums. I plan to major in fine arts, audio/video tech, and possibly music. I want to have a career after college following these classes.

Juan Rodriguez, AVTech

Sep 18, 2012
Fine Arts Chairperson Interview (Story/Media)
Juan Rodriguez