Student Voice – The Asian Culture Club


Carmen Blaine, Asian Club President

T'Rayus Johnson, JBJ Staff

What is the Asian Culture Club? The Asian Culture Club here at Corsicana High School is dedicated to learning and engaging in different aspects of all of the Asian cultures in the world.

Senior, Carmen Blaine, whom has served as President for the last two years, she will describe the procedures of the meetings.

“The meetings are pretty laid back; there is no formal agenda,” Blaine said. I usually start the meetings off and I also suggest themes for that month.”

The current theme for the club is Indian culture. The members have been studying Indian food, clothing, media etc. They are watching Slumdog Millionaire as a tie in for all the different aspects of the culture. By choosing to concentrate on Indian culture, the club also emphasizes that they do not only study the “expected” Asian cultures.

“Some other cultures we have studied are Korean and Chinese,” Blaine said. “When we studied the Chinese, a group of us went to see the Crowe Collection of Asian Art to watch the festivals.”

For Blaine, the Asian Culture Club is the perfect opportunity to begin the studies that she hopes to continue in college.

“I am going to study abroad in college and learn as much as I can about the world’s cultures,” Blaine said. “I want to major in International Business.”

The club meets every other Thursday and has around eighteen to twenty members this year which is a step up from last year. There is no fee to join, Blaine and club advisor Mrs. Pinales both agree on their favorite thing about the club.

“We learn many neat little things from many different cultures.”