Super Bowl Super Stars

Gabby Pizana

Whenever I found out that Calicos were selected to perform at the Super Bowl XLV, I freaked out. I could not believe that we were given such an amazing opportunity and I could not have been out there on that field if I wasn’t with my teammates. The practices soon began and they were very long and drawn out, constantly going over the same things and striving for perfection.  For two practices we practiced out on high school football fields. Despite the coldness, we all had such a blast. When we arrived at Texas stadium, it was awesome! I remember looking up and seeing so many seats. It almost seemed impossible that anything could hold so many people. We practiced, practiced, practiced. Whether it was entering, exiting or just waiting for the workers to tell us what to do next, it felt so great to know that we were a part of something so big. My first thought out of anything was that we were very blessed because people wait their entire lives to attend this event. Although two of our practices were cancelled because of the weather, it still didn’t stop us from working hard. The last practice that we had was on a Saturday with the Black Eyed Peas and Usher. We all had no idea that they would be there at our rehearsal and once we saw them on stage…, we were so star struck. I can remember getting chills all over my arms and spines watching them perform. The Black Eyed Peas were the nicest people ever. I didn’t even realize that one of the members, Taboo, was standing right behind me while we were getting ready for the finale. He was interacting with us and everything! You could just tell that he loved his career and he enjoyed us being there with the rest of the group. (I even got the chance to touch his hand). When the big day arrived, I wasn’t nervous at all. It wasn’t until I was out on that field that I realized how many people were there. There were cameras flashing all over the stadium and there were people trying to talk to us and take pictures. I think it’s safe to say that we all felt like some sort of celebrity. When our cue was on to run out, I could feel all of the butterflies in my stomach begin to rise and when I reached my spot I felt like nothing in this world could beat this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many people say that it wasn’t a big deal because you couldn’t see us individually on television, but I didn’t care whether or not I would be on T.V. All I cared about was knowing that I was on the same field as The Black Eyed Peas and Usher and how amazing it felt to be a part of something that most people would take for granted. I loved being out there and I know that as a team, we danced our hearts out that night and no one can take away that feeling.