CHS Student selected for NCA Advisory Board

Dee Anderson, Sr. Lieutenant of the CHS Varsity cheerleading team was honored with nine other girls nationwide to be part of the advisory board for the National Cheerleading Association. To be a part of this group one must have a minimum of three years cheerleading experience, superior communication and leadership skills, a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, social media experience, and must live in the DFW area. Dee more than met these requirements. She felt “pretty awesome” when she found out that so many girls tried to be where she is and she was chosen. They had their first meeting on August 4, 2011. They asked her things such as what she likes about NCA or UCA cheerleading, school, cheerleading, and competitive cheerleading.  All in all, we are very proud of her for being able to voice her input to make cheerleading the best that it can be.

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