H100 Studio


AVTech 2 Crew

Kayla Parker, JBJ Managing Editor

 Room H100 in the Career & Technology building has rapidly changed in the past couple of years.  From the artistic paint job provided by the Art 2 students to the snazzy news desk built by the Building and Construction student team, the  room has developed into a media studio.  Instructor Karen Vandiver has diligently gathered the media equipment needed to provide students with real world experience working with digital equipment, sound boards, and video switchers.  

A core group of students make up the Advanced AVTech crew.  Each one brings various talents to the group. From the tech crew to the anchor team, everyone is needed to bring the  product to final development.  Veteran of the group is Mary Martinez who has been with the program since its inception.  Mary is in her third year of the Audio & Video Technology program.  Kayla Parker provides leadership in her role as Managing Editor helping guide the productions as they are being filmed. Technical Producer Monse Lopez takes the finished film to develop the final product with her editing talent.