Friday Night Twirlers

CHS Color Guard
CHS Color Guard

What is Color Guard? You might find yourself asking this question during the halftime of any Friday night CHS football game. “It adds a visual element to the music the band plays using flags or rifles,” junior Sarah Kasprzyk said.

 When Sarah Kasprzyk was first introduced to Color Guard, she joined not knowing what type of role she would be contributing to the team. “I joined because it looked fun, and I thought it would be cool,” Sarah said. As captain, Kasprzyk has learned that along with the fun of being a leader, there also comes a lot of responsibility.

“At first I was stressed,” Kasprzyk said. “I want to do my job right, and now I am more confident.” Kasprzyk, having a group of 6 girls including 3 freshmen, knows she must have the right attitude when it comes to leading the practices and performances throughout the year.  “There are conflicts with some of the younger girls playing other sports, but when they all attend the practices, they do very well,” Sarah said.

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Kasprzyk has set goals for the team to achieve over the next school year, including doing well at the pre- UIL competition held in Maybank, October 9th, , where the Color Guard will be judged on technique and expression in their routine. Another goal is one we all have set for ourselves at some point in our lives and that is to just do better. “You can always do better,” Sarah said. “We want to be better than we have been in the past.”

And better they have become through practices and experience on the field.

“We are a lot more put together,” Kasprzyk said. “ There is more unity within the team.” With no doubt, Sarah has had a major impact on the unity and work ethic of the team, which is evident in their half-time performance. “I am proud of them,” Sarah said “They are like a second family to me.”