Sarah Dockery, JBJ Editor

FCCLA stands for family, career, community, leaders of America. FCCLA is a group in the school that’s purpose is to help the community. FCCLA is involved in volunteering throughout the community at things such as: Christmas in Action, Dog Treats for the animal shelter, and bell ringing.

FCCLA attends in regional meetings, and competes in the STAR event. STAR stands for Students Taking Action with Recognition. When the group participates in this event, they are competing in events for ability and success in subdivision and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. Also, sessions are held to help the group improve in FCCLA at school.

If you are interested in joining, the total cost is $26.00, $10.00 for a shirt and the rest for dues. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month in Mrs. Curl’s room, C104. Bridget Aguilar states that “FCCLA is a great experience. It helps you to get out of your comfort zone and teaches you great leadership skills. Mrs. Curl, our sponsor, is very supportive and is always willing to help!” Please join before October 19th, hope to see you there!