It’s that time of the year

Vanessa Guerra, AVTech Staff

Well it’s that time of the year again. It’s October 30, and everyone is getting ready for the big night, Halloween. Teenagers are getting ready to scare the living death out of little kids. Corsicana downtown is also getting ready.

Every year Corsicana designs downtown, and make it into a little Halloween trick-or-treat event. Stores are running low on costumes. They also build a haunted house, which is pretty scary. Also a lot of shops are advertising during the event.

It’s now October 31, and the churches are getting ready to do the trunk-or-treating events. People are trying to make their houses the scariest, and teenagers do their best to scare you into never going trick-or-treating again. The sun starts to go down, and everyone is ready to go trick-or-treating. They have bought the scariest or funniest costumes.

Teenagers are chasing around kids with their “chainsaws” around the neighborhood. Most kids go to the wealthy side of town, because they believe they give out the biggest and best candy. Which is probably true. Last year people were talking about how someone chased them around with a chainsaw.

There is a store called Wally’s Party Factory, and during Halloween the whole store is filled with scary costumes and decorations.

Even most churches do a trunk-or-treat event. People set up their car trunks, and decorate them scary, then they give out candy. Kids then go around each trunk, until they have reached the last one, then they have a table filled with food. There are also bounce houses for kids and kids at heart. There are also other things than just food. Once kids have gone all around, their buckets are filled up with candy and sweets.

Downtown Corsicana, also gets ready for the big night. Most of the stores give out candy, and advertisement, but who cares about the advertisement, everybody goes there for the candy. And when you finally go all over Down Town your bag is filled to the top. Even some people go all out on their costumes and they come out amazing. Others just don’t worry about dressing up, they just go trick-or-treating for the candy. Even Grandmas dress up!

Afterwards, when the big night is almost to an end. All kids go back to their home. And pour out all the candy they have gathered throughout the entire night. Before kids go to bed, they trade with their friends. And when they’re finally in bed, dreaming about goblins and Snickers bars.