OAP Preparing Playhouse Creatures

Marc Speed, JBJ Staff

The Tiger Studio 59 is on a roll with our upcoming U.I.L OAP. We are excited to compete with our cut and edited version of “Playhouse Creatures”. This show will be set back in the 16th century surrounding Five young and old women. The 5 young Actresses that will be starring in the show are Cameron Clift, Lexie Owen, Jaylen Burggie, Kaitlyn Griffins, and Elisha Lovett.

The show will test these young girls on how dedicated they are willing to push themselves on the stage and off. Also, these young talented actresses will haft to develop new acting techniques and attitudes to be able to become one with their character. We know they will put on an amazing show with the help of our amazing Directors, Miss Mac and Mr. Ramirez.

Be sure to keep up with your fellow CHS actors as they prepare to bring the heat in this year’s OAP!

-Act well your part, there all the honor lies-