Cheer Competition Season arrives


Madeline Young, JBJ Staff

Every year the CHS cheer has a competition squad go to a huge competition called NCA, this comp is very important to these girls. They work countless hours in the gym working on their routine to make it perfect. They have tryouts and everything and once they have all the girls they want someone comes in that makes routines and helps the girls out with theirs. NCA is a competition where high school teams from all around in different divisions compete against each other. The CHS cheer team has gone to this competition for a while now and has yet to win the National Title in a very long time. This year might be their year to win it all. The competition takes place in Fort Worth, Texas at a convention center. This competition means a lot to these girls and to just win it would be so great. Last year the team took 3rd place at the comp and in the first day because this competition is a two day thing. The first day they were in first place so pumped because they could actually be the team to take this National Championship in a very long time. Sadly, they took 3rd . This season is a different season and they have pushed and put so much work into this one big competition and ready to take 1st place. The competition is just a week away and the nerves are probably starting to kick in. They are going against at least 20 teams in their division which is all the 5A schools. Going against 20 good teams is very difficult but they all believe in each other that they are going to hit everything and have a perfect routine. This year is their big year to win it all and take it home, their Head cheer Coach Amy Johnson who has been the head coach for 2 years now has pushed this team to be what they have become. In practices she pushes those to work to the best of their abilities and each time they go full out make it feel like it’s the real competition. They went to a Christmas classic competition in December and got 2nd which is not that bad for the first comp of the year. They have been working had for this routine for a month and now they are prepared.