Red Ribbon Week

Luke Keathley, H100 Staff

This year’s Red Ribbon week is coming up in next week. We will be celebrating it next week from October 25th through the 27th. Each year we have some interactive dress-up days to participate in taking a stand against drugs. The dress-up days for this year will be: Wednesday-“Red Day” (Red shirt/ t-shirt and accessories), Thursday-“Too Smart for Drugs” (College shirt/t-shirt), and Friday-“Sock it to Drugs!” (Your favorite pair of crazy socks). These activities have been going on in our school and schools around the country for a while. But what is red ribbon week and what does it represent?
Red Ribbon Week was created by an organization called the National Family Partnership. This organization was formed in the 1980s by a group of parents whose goal was to raise awareness about drugs and how to prevent them. Throughout the years, the NFP has been educating the youth on drug awareness and prevention. The NFP came up with the concept Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness to the killing and destruction caused by drugs. Since 1985 the Red Ribbon has impacted both youth and parents all across the U.S.