Sharon Goodman


Question:  What is your favorite after-school snack? 

Answer: Dr. Pepper 


Question: Where did you obtain your degree? 

Answer: Masters in Administrative Management and Supervisors from SFA along with a BS from Charleston. 


Question:  Describe yourself as a high school student. 

Answer: A band geek that plays percussion. 


Question: Where are you from? 

Answer: Corsicana, Texas 


Question:  What a college did you attend? 

Answer: Charleston and SFA 


Question: What made you or why did you decide to come to Corsicana High School? 

Answer: It was the only high school in town. 


Question:  How do you like CHS so far? 

Answer: I love it. 


Question: What is your zodiac sign? 

Answer: I am an Aries, but I love to read them all to see how they match my day. 


Question:  What brought you to Corsicana? 

Answer: I live here. 


Question: Do you have any pets, if so, how many? 

Answer: I do not have any pets at this time. 


Question:  What is your favorite thing about teaching? 

Answer: The students and the light that comes on when they make a discovery. 


Question: What is your favorite holiday? 

Answer: 4th of July 


Question:  I hate when__________? 

Answer: I hate when a student is not given enough time to discover and create. 


Question: Who is your celebrity crush? 

Answer: Tom Selleck and Kevin Cosner 


Question:  Do you have any cool impersonations? 

Answer: No, no I do not. 


Question: Who is your favorite actor? 

Answer: Tom Selleck and Kevin Cosner 


Question:  What is the one thing you cannot do to save your life? 

Answer: I cannot figure skate, I have tried, but I could never do it. 


Question: What is your life motto? 

Answer: Imagine. 


Question:  What would you do if you were not a teacher? 

Answer: Reading and drinking Dr. Pepper. 


Question: What motivates you? 

Answer: My faith, which is Baptist.