CHS Cheer takes on Derrick Days

Leslie Munoz, H100 Staff

The cheer performance marked the first of many performances put on by the new Varsity Cheer team, and it was a memorable experience.  Coach Amy Johnson compiled a performance consisting of a cheer, chant and High School Musical dance.  The incoming Varsity team had been practicing the last week of April to be prepared for the performance they put on April 28th. 

Derrick Days was finally here, and the cheerleaders woke up bright and early to join in the parade with the TCC float.  I spoke with Addie Ray to discuss the overall experience of the parade, and she said, “It was an amazing experience to see the community come together and it was a great start to a bond with the incoming juniors.”  Everyone was super excited throughout the parade, and when the energy felt low, the cheerleaders brought it back up with exciting, small chants that brought smiles to the crowd. 

Then came time to the performance, which was a great showcase that brought laughter and joy to the community.  The cheerleaders began with a solid cheer consisting of three amazing stunts.  Next was the TCC chant, and Reagan Chaney said, “The chant represents what TCC stands for and interprets a better understanding to the community.”  To tie off the performance, the cheerleaders brought friends from the crowd to enjoy a fun dance from High School Musical.  This performance showed how well the new Varsity team bonded and worked together.

The 2018-19 Varsity Cheer team.
The CHS float in the Derrick days parade.