Hector Cervantez, a student in Construction classes is full-focused on completing his assignment.
Hector Cervantez, a student in Construction classes is full-focused on completing his assignment.
Anais Ortiz

CTE March Updates

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  • Military recruiting students during lunch so they can take a new step into the future.

  • CHS Culinary student is working hard to find ideas for his new menu.

  • Ashley Flores, a student currently enrolled in Culinary is thinking hard for her new project.

  • Hector Cervantez, a student in Construction classes is full-focused on completing his assignment.

  • CHS students who are currently enrolled in Construction have managed to build a strong connection with each other.

  • CHS Construction students are ready to work hard in the future and stand proud with their equipment.

  • Construction students helping each other out with the set up that they are preparing for their assignment.

  • CHS Student in Floral Design spends his time making his designs as colorful as possible.

  • Students who are taking Floral Design are having fun while they get to express their creativity.

  • Culinary students working hard to find research for their upcoming project.

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Spring time has finally come around for the year and it is sure to have some of the busiest months that high school students will encounter. With so many tests coming up such as the STAAR, AP exams, and SATs the months of March, April and May become very difficult for students as the school year begins to wrap up, but that does not mean anyone should give up and quit. In fact, this is where everyone should be putting most of their effort into. These last months matter the most, persistence is the key and students should own up to it.

It is totally understandable to be burned out after months of school, but Corsicana High School has provided its students with an amazing amount of breaks which should be used to relax and reflect on oneself after all that is the purpose behind them. With the appropriate amount of time of rest, students can come back recharged and ready to face the challenges they will encounter as the school year starts to come to an end. Staying focused and maintaining healthy stress level does not sound easy and can be overwhelming but it should never be an excuse to give up on the hard work. Pulling through is what everyone has to do and Corsicana High School CTE students are proving that it is possible.

Even after months of being in school, CTE students continue to develop new skills and participate in multiple hands-on activities. No amount of stress is letting them mess with their head and instead they will move into the future with an open mindset and take every challenge one by one.

Corsicana is extremely proud of the Tigers that they have formed over the years and hope to see more hard workers as the next generation will be in need for them. Go Tigers!

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