Cross Country hits the trails


Jasmine Cigarroa, H100 Staff

Amongst the various extracurricular activities available to students throughout high school one is bound to come across Cross Country, a sport in which teams or individuals are required to run in the open on natural terrain. To be prepared for the season runners commence training at the end of July in the various parks in town and continue to train until the beginning of the school year. Attending practice is vital if the runners are seeking the opportunity, of being one of the varsity team members, or going to state with or without the team depending on the willingness of each member to work together.

During the summer the new members of the team are given the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the running that will have to be done during the school year or at the races against other entities. At the beginning of the year, runners are nearer a satisfactory condition unless they join the team at the last minute since then they will have to work to reach the level at which their teammates are. However, the team collaborates with the new members so that they can make progress by motivating them to keep going, being very patient, and understanding.

At Corsicana High School, Coach Jesus Rodriguez is in charge of training the Cross Country runners so that they are ready for the meets once the season begins. Coach Rodriguez trains his athletes not only by giving instructions and allowing them to do everything on their own he does it by demonstrating what one can be capable of if the practice is taken seriously by running along with the members of the team encouraging them to push themselves to do better each time.