The Comeback Kid


Luke Keathley, H100 Staff

The Tiger’s Basketball Team was all prepared to start off the 2017-2018 season with a big successes. A lot of returning varsity players were returning for their senior year. Among those returning players was Connor “Crash” Hutchins. He had a great season last year and helped the varsity team reach the playoffs.
Going into the season, everyone’s hopes were up about the coming season. However, Connor had a problem. In February of 2017, after the 2016-2017 season, the team was maxing out in the weight room. While squatting, his back foot slipped and his back went forward. He almost fell, but caught himself. He went to the doctor and they could not find anything wrong. The pain was still there, but Connor fought through the pain and played all summer. In October, he went back to the doctor and received a MRI. The MRI revealed that Connor had a bulging disk and that he would not be able to play for at least a couple of weeks.
This news hit Connor pretty hard. He did not know how bad his injury would actually be. “I was super sad because at the time I did not know how bad it was and I did not know when I was going be back.” Before this injury, he had never missed a game his whole varsity career. Connor had to sit on the bench, not having a chance to play at all due to his back problems. Connor strongly disliked the idea of not being able to help out his team. “I hated to see the team struggle, knowing all I could do was cheer them on from the bench.” As the season kept going, Connor continued to go see the doctor to see if there was anything he could do to help him get back on the court.
Finally the good news came to Connor that he could play again. He went to a spine doctor in Dallas. The doctor told him that he needed a shot in his back and that would allow him to play again. He still had to wait a little to let the medicine settle in his back and strengthen his back up, however it really boosted up his spirits to know that he could play again. “It was amazing news. It felt great to know that I would be able to play again.”
Connor played his first game after the injury against Van. He had 12 points in his returning game. He also did well against a tough loss against Lufkin scoring 10 points. District begins on Friday and the team is feeling confident on their opportunity to win district with the returning of Connor and his fellow teammate, Ji’ryn Young, who rolled his ankle in the game against Athens.