Ready Set Go! Boys Soccer Highlights!
Ready Set Go! Boys Soccer Highlights!
Anais Ortiz

The Goal Comes to an End

Corsicana High School’s boys soccer team prepares for their last home game

Being one of the most popular sports world-wide, Soccer finally makes an appearance filling people with excitement and hope. Friday, March 1st, will be the last home game for the Corsicana High School Boys Soccer team and they do not plan on backing down any time soon. They have worked hard to reach up to this moment and are ready to face Terrell, the opposing team that they will face for this year’s last home game. Pressure is on for the players as they are not the only ones who want to pull a win, Tigers all around the school want this win as well. After all it is one of the most watched sports from all around the world which is truly amazing and impressive. The concept behind eleven players on each team using nothing but their legs, head and torso to pass the ball for a goal, the term for a score in soccer, has become more than just that. For some, it is a life devotion that they have dedicated themselves to, being loved from place to place. It has also proven to contain a variety of benefits as it helps people develop skills such as teamwork and a raise in ambition, which can always be applied in not just sports but in the work world as well.

The Corsicana Soccer Boys came out with a shocking victory against Terrell with a score of 2-1. This is due to the amazing gameplay and teamwork the Corsicana Tigers had with each other. While the opposing team made the first goal, Corsicana made an amazing comeback making it 1-1 and then made their second goal a couple minute before the end of the match. Gian Carlo was the first to score for the Corsicana Soccer boys in the Second half, then another goal was made in the second half, Alejandro made the last shot for the team. Interviews with the audience and teammates say that it was not only an exciting game but witnessing it happening live in person was an amazing experience as well. Overall, Corsicana Soccer Boys emerged proud and victorious.

Rooting for the Tigers that are participating in Boys Soccer is what Corsicana High School’s students and staff will continue to do, as support is a significant factor in the performance of a game. Go Tigers!

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