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Ethan Fread

Ethan Fread, H100 Staff

My name is Ethan Fread. I am taking this journalism class to get a better view from people who write articles, to know what it’s like. I am a music nut, all I do is practice. Each summer from now to when turn 21, which right now I am 16, I will participate in Drum Corps international, aka Major League Marching Arts. I am not only into marching g band, I also love jazz, and orchestral music. I also produce music with FL Studio, and Abelton Live.

Another thing about me is I am a humongous computer junkie.  My Future major will be computer science, and I want to work for a video game company as an A/I Programmer. I know how to build computers, and I keep up to date with the best PC Parts. I Love graphic design and animation, I wish I could take a class this year, but my schedule was full. My life consists of me being a nerd, once I graduate High school I plan on applying to UNT, where I will study Computer science, and get my bachelor’s degree. Then from there gain experience at a tech job, and keep up to date with programming languages, go to conventions that discuss up to date pc parts, new A/I, and graphics for video games. AS of music, this year I am trying out for Carolina Crown, this past year I marched Guardians DBC, and I am moving up to the best horn line in the world class, and I am ready for the challenge!

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October 1, 2017

September 22, 2017
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Ethan Fread