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Monse Lopez, AVTech - Technical Producer

Hello my name is Monserrat Lopez. I go by Monse.

Ummmm…..where do I start??? Ok well I’m part of the Av-Tech class and I really enjoy it. I’m 17 years young and enjoying life. I work almost every day and I do complain but I don’t complain when I get paid so I’m ok with it lol. I’m also proud to say that I have my own car without having my mom pay for it. I’m a very responsible person and I like to have things done. I find myself saying “you know” a lot. I use to live in a big city in California o yesssss where my summers where AWSOME!!!! Until I moved here to a small town that is hard to find on the map. Well let me see what else there is to say about me….. Ok well I love technology that’s one of the big reasons I’m in this class. I love to play with things so I can figure out how they work. So when I get something new I ignore the manual. I’m a very hard worker and I stress when things don’t come out my way. I’m a very fun person to hang out with but when I first meet someone new I’m shy. People that know me well know I love to laugh a lot. My sophomore year I was given the nickname Giggles. I think you can tell that I’m a very random person. Ok well I think that’s all I can say about me. I’m impressed I didn’t say “you know” well I did but “you know” what I mean OOOOOPPPSSS!!!!! LOL

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Monse Lopez