Second Chances

Oscar Andrade dropped out of Corsicana High School in his junior year of high school.  It did not take him long to realize his earning potential was maxed out at $7.25 without a high school education.  After looking at all his option he decided to give his education a second chance through Turning Points. When asked him why he decided to enroll in Turning Points, he answered that he “wanted to finish school early to support my family and that is when I got into Turning Points.” For Turning Points to be an option for someone the person has to have a lot of hardships facing them. For Oscar, his pregnant girlfriend at such a young age presented a hardship. Oscar’s main reason for joining Turning Points was improving the lives of himself and his family. He wanted to provide for them and to be a strong father figure. When asked if there was anything he would have done different during that period, he said, “I would have changed my behavior. I would have not dropped out, but came to Turning Points earlier.”

By not only being able to graduate early, but also graduate around a flexible schedule, Oscar has said he has been given a “second chance.” “I do not think, I know I can graduate and be someone in life. “Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, and that is what I did to graduate.“,  Oscar says in response to wondering if he can graduate and be successful in life after graduation.

His wife, Christina is in Turning Points with him to make it easier for him and the baby. When asked him what would have happened to him if he did not go into Turning Points he replies, “I think I would still be a high school drop-out and stuck in the same job, not being able to do better for my family and our lives.”  For those struggling with the same situation, Oscar says he, “encourages them not to give up and keep trying. That is how we succeeded.”

Throughout all these challenges, Oscar went through he says he had a lot of support and encouragement from people like Mrs. Dulworth and his family. Oscar did have challenges in his life, but thanks to this second chance he is prepared to face them head on for him and his family. Thanks to programs like Turning Points, those going through the challenges Oscar faced are better able to overcome them.

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