Pep Rally for All

Pep Rally for All

Diamond Dunn, Journalism 1

Have you ever wondered why the pep rallies in Corsicana High only cheered on the volleyball and football players? There are other sports here at Corsicana High like tennis, baseball and soccer so why aren’t they being cheered alongside the football and volleyball teams.

Students may think is okay, but is it really? Have you ever wondered how the other sports felt about the situation?

Many students believe it’s because of the scheduling of the games like if football has a game on a Friday and volleyball has a game on the same day and there both home games and everyone knows a home game means pep rally, so they throw together a pep rally to wish the teams luck and to encourage people to come to the game and support them as they play, but not the other sports the only shine they get is over the intercom during the announcements. Which not all the time or they remembered ether the person doing the announcements forget them and has to recall and say them last or they are mentioned but not for long like a minute of support.

The way Corsicana High supports there football and volleyball team, all teams should be supported in the same kind of fashion. Pep rallies are a way people get there teams pumped and get them excited to play it gives them confidence to keep their spirts high.

Now what if the basketball and tennis and other sports had games the same day as the football players would they be able to walk in the pep rally? People don’t know how the other sports feel about the fact that only volleyball and football have a pep rally.  Maybe, they should get with the other teams and see how they feel about the situation?

All teams mean something to a school, all teams bring in the trophies and the checks most of them reach farther than others. So who’s to say we shouldn’t challenge all the teams to see which one would bring in the most wins and the most trophies. Make it fun to challenge them to push hard and work hard for what they want. You never know the one who wins might just get their own pep rally.

Everyone knows that football is the biggest sport at any school right alongside basketball, so why not make pep rallies more exciting. Let the basketball teams have at least thirty minutes of fame and let them see what it feels like.


If we surveyed every student at Corsicana High, we would be able to see what their favorite sports are and what sports they would really love to have pep rallies for.


By doing these things the students would appreciate and support their teams more, there would be more students attending the games.