Playhouse Creatures


Marc Speed, JBJ Staff

The UIL award-winning production of “Playhouse Creatures” had its public performance on Saturday, May 9, 2015 in the CHS auditorium. On Saturday, the Tiger Studio 59 had its first “Drama Lab” and public performance. The drama lab was scheduled for any student that has taken an interest in theatre and wanted an insight as to how the real Creatures of CHS do what they do best!

The event began at 10:00 am on Saturday morning and ran through the afternoon till 2:00 pm. The students had a blast at learning the theatre basics and getting to know each other on a more personal note. After lunch, the students got to sit back and watch the Creatures take the Stage. The show had a great run through! It was bittersweet to hear the lovely director Gloria McLuckie, rant about things she wishes she would have added and starting every sentence with “If only I had…”

As Night approached, the girls took the stage one last time together and not only acted their part but each other. The run through was the best it had ever been and the most emotional. As the actors took their bows, a simple thank you was given to the audience and anyone else who had given any support to the company and production.

It truly was a sight to see when CHS Senior Kaitlin Griffin spoke in tears to the audience. “It really has been a blessing and I appreciate it so, so much. Thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us and giving me the opportunity to work with people that share the same passion as I do, thank you”.