One Act Play Begins


Miguel Pimental, JBJ Staff

On Monday and Tuesday, November 16 and 17, the CHS Theatre Company ran auditions for the 2015-16 One Act Play. After advancing all the way to Area last year in UIL competition, the company is ready to take it even further. This year students were required to show that they truly understood the character and ideas floated around the theatre. This year’s directors are returning CHS Theatre Director, Ms. McLuckie, and our new theatre director, Ms. McLuckie. The duo will take students on a journey that will change them by the end. Over the next few months, the students will build sets, discover themselves more deeply, and truly become their character. We wish the Theatre Company the best of luck in their journey. “Austin is beautiful in May”. Here is the Cast List for the 2015-16 CHS One Act Play: