Art Piece: Bubbles


Francisco Sandoval, AVTech 2 Staff

Inspiration: I came home one day waiting for something interesting to draw, I decided to sketch many things but none of them interested me. I remembered I had something in my back pack and I checked I found a bubble maker in one of the pouches, that’s when I decided to start sketching it. I finally had an idea that I enjoyed and so I decided to spend the next 1 hour and 30 minutes perfecting my new art piece.

Process: It was quite hard as some of the shading was quite weird and being able to capture the air bubbles inside the tube was a good challenge. I then worked to find the best way to draw the bubbles, after finishing the first one I got into the art piece and it was getting easier to draw each bubble. For the background I wanted something that would make the yellow pop so I chose the complementary color which was purple making the yellow pop.

Overall I am quite happy with my art work I feel like its only up from here, I want to see how much I can progress in one year and then maybe redo some of my old art pieces.