Entertain the crew


At noon on a Saturday, most teenagers are still in bed, sleeping in after the late night on Friday. I, however, will be at the Corsicana Animal Shelter taking pictures of pets that need homes to add to Petfinder.  I also play with the animals that do not receive the attention that they deserve. While volunteering at the animal shelter is exhausting and can be terribly sad at times, it is one of the most rewarding things that I do with my time. I love animals, and it is so wonderful to see homeless pets matched with children and adults who instantly fall in love with them. After all, what is a few hours on a Saturday if it means bringing happiness to so many lives. Anyone under 16 will need an adult to volunteer with them.  The Animal Shelter is open till 4:00 in the afternoons and 12 – 4 on Saturdays.