Rise and Shine Tigers


Many of us are strained for time in the morning, we get ourselves ready, possibly our smaller siblings and drive ourselves to school and after school we work. Not to mention any extracurricular activities and athletics, so where do we find time to truly meditate on a very important problem that many of us try to ignore, our eating habits.

The fact of the matter is that 3 square meals a day are essential to general overall health and well being, but especially to a growing adolescent mind and body. Although we often refer to ourselves as the model “mature adult” intellectually, none of us have truly matured into the adults we aspire to be physically or psychologically, even if you have stopped growing. We are still maturing and in truth most of us will not fully mature until we are 50 yrs. old. In the meantime to feed the maturation process we need to understand exactly what is going on inside of our minds. The teenage mind is in a middle ground, an all or nothing type mechanism. What course of actions we take now will directly coincide with our health as adults, ex: the difference between smoking now or eating an apple. The same goes for our daily eating habits as well as overall decision to remain obstinate. At the beginning of your day what do you do? No, think about it for a minute. Are you even hungry in the morning? What food do you reach for ? What kind foods are available to you? Or what do you eat when you get to school? Studies show that high school students who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to maintain a positive mental attitude, more concentrated concentration, physical stamina, better mathematics (17.5%), reading and overall academic grades and improved attendance (1.5 more days > non breakfast schoolers).*  Perhaps you feel as though you are not achieving your full potential academically or athletically, perhaps breakfast is what will make the difference.