Girls’ Basketball Advancing to Playoffs


The Lady Tiger’s Basketball team has advanced to playoffs for the first time since 1991. The road to playoffs for the Lady Tigers began before the season started, with a team dinner for all the girls, Freshmen, JV, and Varsity, where they set team goals for the season. After listing their goals, which included winning twenty games and advancing to playoffs, they buried them. Along with setting team goals for the season, the girls also got involved with the community by helping walk Carroll students to school, despite the cold. The team has gone through a lot this season, especially after losing point guard Calae “A.I.” Wilson to an ACL and meniscus surgery, but Coach Prevost says she remained a part of the team, and has been like “a 4th coach” on the sidelines. The team has stuck together all season, bonding over team dinners and celebrations. Coach Prevost says he likes to keep them motivated by putting motivational quotes on schedules and up around the locker room to help the girls focus on going beyond just the here and now. At another team dinner, now that they’ve made playoffs, the team dug up their season goals and decided on new ones for playoffs. They’ll face their first opponent, Arlington Seguin on Monday, February 10, in Ennis. The team has scrimmaged against Seguin before, and Coach Prevost says the girls are well prepared to face them again. Come out and support our girls on Monday night so we can pack the gym. Busses will be available to take students to the game on Monday. Talk to Coach Harris in room B100 to secure your spot for the ride to Ennis.