Piece of My Heart


Karen Vandiver

Alyssa Jewell, JBJ Staff - Editor

Piece of my heart is a play being put on by the Corsicana high school theater program. It is about the Vietnam War and commemoration for the Vietnam veterans.

The take away everyone should have after viewing the play is “the fact that the Vietnam veterans of America are not forgotten,” Gloria McLuckie, the director and head of the theatre program at CHS, said. The people involved in making this play happen have been working very hard even if there was a little bit of a time crunch.

“Four weeks, things were still being changed with four weeks left until the play,” Abraham Ramirez, the stage crew and technical theatre teacher said. It was hard to get everything done in such little time.

The theatre crew has to be prepared for the worst. Like a light falling down or someone missing their cue, it is very hard to be able to keep the play on track.

“If something physical happens then the play would stop,” Ramirez said, “the kids are more important than the show.” If someone was to miss a cue then the play would not stop. The students would have to figure it out and get the play back on the right path. Ramirez quoted one of the most famous lines in theatre history, “The show must go on.”

The theatre crew, the theatre classes, and the whole theater program has been working very hard to make this show possible.

Ramirez stated “the glue that holds this production together is Ms. McLucky and the students as an ensemble.”

The showings of the play will be on Thursday September 25th, Saturday September 27th, and Monday September 29th in the Corsicana high school auditorium.

Ramirez said you should come to the play to “support the CHS theater program, to enjoy live theatre, and the main reason, to support the veterans.”

Tonight is the last performance and it begins at 7:00 p.m. in the CHS Auditorium.