OAP excels with Playhouse Creatures


Helen Hibbs, JBJ Staff

CHS’ Tiger Troupe 59 performed Playhouse Creatures for their one act play. Playhouse creatures made their journey all the way to the area contest.

The people in the company include Lexie Owen as Nell Gwyn, Cameron Clift as Doll Common, Kaitlin Griffin as Mrs. Betterton, Elisha Lovett as Ms. Farley and Jaelyn Bergey as Ms. Marshall. The technicians were Cathryn McCoy, Jamie Reeves, Helen Hibbs, Irvin Horn, Alyssa Jewell, Miguel Pimentel, and Ryan Brown.

In the district competition, Playhouse Creatures got 1st place. The individual awards included Lexie Owen for All Star Cast and Best Actress awarded to Kaitlin Griffin. Also, an award went to Elisha Lovett for Honorable Mentioned All Star Cast, and honor technician was awarded to Helen Hibbs.

In the bi-district competition again Playhouse creatures got first. The individual awards went to Cameron Clift and Kaitlin Griffin for All Star Cast. Also, awards went to Elisha Lovett, Jaelyn Bergey, and Lexie Owen for Honorable Mention All Star Cast. Also technician was awarded to Cathryn McCoy

In the area competition, the Playhouse Creature’s journey ended as they didn’t advance. Individual awards went to Kaitlin Griffin and Lexie Owen for All Star Cast. Also, the technicians were awarded the tech crew award.

I sat down and interviewed Kaitlin Griffin about her experience with One Act Play.

How was the experience? “It was a wonderful experience, and one of the best experiences I’ve had in high school. I loved this One Act season, and it’s one of my favorites beside last year’s. I really enjoy being a senior, the only senior of the group. Having that leadership experience, it was nice experience to learn how to lead and learn how to work.

What would you tell others about One Act Play? “One act is tough work, but it’s also fun work. The dedication to the art is like any dedication to a sport.”

How has being a part of One Act play affected you? “It’s made me a better person, a more organized person. I love the arts more. I’m also able to handle a lot tasks at once and get all of my work for school and one act. It’s been a great personal experience as an artistic one. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”