Making a lifetime of memories


Bianca King, JBJ Staff

Being a member of the Calicos, your senior year is almost the same feeling as a mother watching her baby graduate. You’ll get irritated during the action, love some moments, and most of all miss it. It’s especially hard for those who have been a member of the team since their freshman year. From being a ‘new girl’ to a returning senior, Dance or Social officer. We all get the idea of our last year in high school and even involving extracurricular activities. We all get the idea of our most given advice, and that’s to cherish it as much as you can. Look for the positive in high school and chill.  

A lot of seniors don’t take that advice serious enough. Being part of a team is the best feeling you can get from high school. When it’s all over with, it’s over with, and there’s no going back. Being part of the Calicos give off a positive feedback to mostly the senior Calicos because this is the last year of lady etiquette that they’ll receive before they go out into the real world. Being independent and responsible is what the Calicos give off to each other while at it expressing their passion for dance by putting the long practices and dedication into it. You can look down on the field and see your fellow senior Calicos performing at their best. And the crazy thing is, no one knows how much joy is in that senior. For no one knows how much joy is in her heart and how much she is enjoying her last performances for the crowd. At the most part, contest season and spring show, which is the Calicos most favorite and exciting time of the year. Only for the seniors, the last time they will do it on the team.