Putting Corsicana on the Map


Tori Thomas, JBJ Staff

Each year, Texas Thespians hold a statewide festival. This festival is open to any active Texas Thespian Troupe. This year 9 Corsicana High School students attended the 2016 Texas Thespian Festival. Over 7,000 thespians go to this festival every year and participate in hundreds of workshops and competitions. This year 26 kids from various towns including our very own Corbin Hill ran for a position on the State Thespian Board as an Officer. A State Thespian Officer (STO) comes together with other officers throughout the year to plan out the next festival for everyone. “This campaign was vigorous,” said Corbin Hill. It required him waking up before everyone else in the hotel and going to sleep after everyone else, “It was literally so exhausting.” On Friday night Corbin sat in a hotel room with all the Corsicana thespians and awaited his fate. Around midnight the phone rang, Corbin tells that he had to step out, he didn’t want to see facial expressions till after the phone call. “Once I walked into the room and saw the smiles, I knew my hard work had paid off.” Which was exactly right. Corbin Hill is now on the State Thespian Board as a 2017 State Thespian Officer. The following Saturday a ceremony was held to hand out awards and introduce the new officers, Corbin Hill, and 16 other Thespians got their sashes along with many applause. “I am ready to get to work,” said Corbin “We are going to produce the best festival yet.”