Cheer IS a sport


Leslie Munoz, H100 Staff

Cheer is a highly competitive, worldwide sport. Here at CHS, we have a Varsity, JV, Freshman and Competitive Cheer team. The sport takes hard work, determination, a positive attitude and much more. The coaches influence everyone to better themselves every day and have brought uplifting spirits on and off the field. Everyone at CHS has an equal chance of trying out and making the team, just this year we received a male cheerleader, and he is now on the JV team.

Cody Weatherall is the new male cheerleader on the JV team. I asked Cody how he feels towards being in the cheer team this year; he went onto say that “Cheer is just another regular sport and shouldn’t be treated any different from football or basketball.” He is so excited to start cheering at football games and perform at the pep rallies with the rest of his team.  Since receiving a male cheerleader, it has created a vast diversity and impact in the school sport itself. It’s amazing to see more people try out every year and amazingly represent our school. This shows how much our school has changed and how accepting everyone has been about it. We are so glad to have received more great people on our cheer teams this year. This year will be an extraordinary year for the cheer teams.