Tigers Finding Their Groove


Andy Solis

Caden Reed, H100 Sports Editor

This season did not start as well as the Tigers had hoped. With only three wins in the first fifteen games, the Tigers have begun to find their groove with Ji’ryn Young and Connor Hutchins both coming back into their selves after injuries. Ji’ryn sprained his ankle during the game against Athens high school and Connor had a lingering from last season that has finally run its course and they are back as good as ever. As district inches closer the team is inching closer into peak conditions making 20.43 shots from 2pt range and 4.42 3pt shots per game line averaging 56 pts per game and allowing 52 pts per game with a 4-6 record in the last ten games.

1 Emmanuel Haggerty SO.

2 Ji’ryn Young SR.

3 Demontae Cumby JR.

4 Colton Kuykendall SR.

5 James Reynolds JR.

11 Ishmael Eddington SR.

15 Devontae Cumby JR.

21 Dequaveon Putilla JR.

23 Caleb Watkins SR.

25 Devan Lindsey JR.

31 Connor Hutchins SR