High Hopes for the New Season

Damaris Ibanez, JBJ Sports/Photographer

Basketball is just around the corner. The coaches, players, managers, and fans are all ready to start the new season. We are all really excited, says Coach Newton, the boy’s basketball coach. On the other side, Coach Prevost, the girl’s basketball coach, doesn’t think they’re ready to start.

Coach Newton’s proudest moments are just seeing his seniors graduate and become something different in life. Prevost was very excited that they went to play-offs his first year as the high school coach. For this new season, they’re wanting to create excitement in Corsicana for basketball. Coach Prevost says, new year, new challenges, and he hopes they do great this year.

Coach Prevost and Newton both became coaches because they wanted to influence and impact lives in a positive manner. Newton has a long line of basketball coaches in his family which also made him want to be a coach.

For boy’s basketball, Coach Newton is looking for a player that puts forth his best effort, and that wants to become a better person. Coach Prevost says, I am looking for some like ME! On serious note, he is looking for three things in a girl basketball player; heart, love the game, and willingness to be coached.

Wednesday October 26th at the CHS gym are basketball tryouts for boys. If you are willing to put forth your best effort, become a better person, or love the game, go tryout and, in Newton’s words, create excitement for Corsicana basketball.