Trivia Crack

Chelsea Vandiver, JBJ Staff - Editor

The new fad here in Corsicana and all through America is a new game. A racing game? A zombie game? No…. It’s and educational game! Can you believe the newest most popular game of the year is an educational questioner game? Trivia Crack has raced past popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Candy Crush Saga and has landed its spot as number 1 spot for free apps in the U.S. and has held it for more than a month.

The object of the game is to earn all of the characters on the wheel. Each character represents a subject, art, science, history, geography, entertainment and sports. The first person to earn all the characters wins. Each game has a maximum of 25 rounds to see who wins. To earn a character a player must answer three trivial questions in a row correctly, or you can land on a special section of the wheel. If you happen to land on this special section of the wheel you get the chance to either challenge their opponent at a chance to steal one of their characters or simply choose to answer a new question to win a character of their own. During a challenge, the two opponents get asked the same six questions, which takes the factor of getting lucky out of the equation. If a tie occurs, the defender will get asked a bonus question to decide who wins the final match.

“I feel Trivia Crack is good in the fact that it’s educational, and you can learn from it. During your down time at school its a fun way to pass the time,” says current Trivia Crack player, Shelton Dunn. When first informed of this new game it gave people of the world hope. Hope that social media is taking a turn in the right direction. One flaw that users have claimed is the advertisements. “Trivia Cracks revenue comes from in-app purchases (coins for more spins, say) and half from ads, which are mostly for other video games”, says creator Maximo  Cavazanni. “The Pros of Trivia Crack outweigh the cons in the fact that this is the first popular educational game in quite a while. We hope it continues to grow and expand the knowledge of our youth.”