Chalk the Walk

Leslie Munoz, H100 Staff

STAAR can be a stressful test to worry about, and the encouraging sayings on the sidewalks will put smiles on their faces in the morning.  Corsicana High School organizations such as, Cheer, National Honor Society, Calicos, Softball and more volunteered at all the Corsicana schools to write motivational sayings on the sidewalks to wish the kids good luck on the STAAR tests.  Many students from these organizations met up at different schools on May 6th, 12th, and 13th to fill the sidewalks with motivational quotes. 

I spoke with many students on the experience, and Abby Cates said, “I volunteered at Fannin, and everyone came up with witty sayings that are for sure going to inspire the kids to do their very best on the test.”  Caden Reed volunteered at CHS, and he said, “It was an awesome experience to write encouraging phrases on the sidewalks of the High school since they are going to be seen by my fellow peers.  Also, it is a great way to help the freshman feel prepared and ready for their Biology and Algebra STAAR Tests.” 

Chalk the Walk was a fun, encouraging experience that many kids enjoyed seeing when they were walking into school.  It served as a great message towards all the students who may have been having a bad day or just needed a little encouragement to ace the test.