Marcus Ely

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Marcus Ely

Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

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His name, as many people have asked, is pronounced E-lee.

Question:  What is your favorite after-school snack? 

Answer: Sunchips 


Question: Where did you obtain your degree? 

Answer:  Sul Ross States University 


 Question:  Describe yourself as a high school student. 

Answer: Shy, awkward, goofy, and spent too much time fishing. 

 Question: Where are you from? 

Answer: The great state of Oklahoma. 


Question:  What a college did you attend? 

Answer: East Texas Baptist University, Huston Community college, and Hill College 


Question: What made you or why did you decide to come to Corsicana High School? 

Answer: After meeting Mr. Kays and Mr. Boulware, I knew this was the place for me. 


Question:  How do you like CHS so far? 

Answer: I love it here! 


Question: What is your zodiac sign? 

Answer: I don’t believe in this. 


Question:  What brought you to Corsicana? 

Answer: God. 


Question: Do you have any pets, if so, how many? 

Answer: I have one dog named Sully. 


Question:  What is your favorite thing about teaching? 

Answer: Sharing my love of the theatre. 


Question: What is your favorite holiday? 

Answer: Thanksgiving. 


Question:  I hate when__________? 

Answer: I hate when people get on my tail on the highway when I’m already doing 70-75. 


Question: Who is your celebrity crush? 

Answer: Not sure I have one, but I love good songwriters. 


Question:  Do you have any cool impersonations? 

Answer: Um, no. 


Question: Who is your favorite actor? 

Answer: Will Patton and Enrico Colantoni. 


Question:  What is the one thing you cannot do to save your life? 

Answer: Sing. 


Question: What is your life motto? 

Answer: “Be anxious for nothing.” –Philippians 4:6 


Question:  What would you do if you were not a teacher? 

Answer: Drama Therapist 


Question: What motivates you? 

Answer: Helping someone change the world. 

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Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

My name is Elizabeth Warren. I am a writer by heart and live with a paper and pen in hand. I am a loner that wears the color black to hide with the background,...

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