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Elizabeth Warren

My name is Elizabeth Warren. I am a writer by heart and live with a paper and pen in hand. I am a loner that wears the color black to hide with the background, but I still get seen every once in a while. I live behind the camera and on paper more than anything else. I'm not social enough to be considered popular but I still like to talk. I won Journalist of the year for the 2016-2017 school at Corsicana High School and plan on writing a lot more.  

I have many books that I am writing, mostly on Wattpad, but I plan on publishing some of them one day in the near future. I can't stand on one leg for very long and I can't sing for anything, but I still do both to test myself and others with their patience. Corsicana is my third high school and I plan on staying through graduation; by doing so, I hope to be more involved with the school and the students in it. I also hope to be a part in this community as I take my writing out into the world. 

I may not seem like much, but I hope that one day I can write the world a better place.

Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

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Elizabeth Warren